Posted on February 25, 2019 in News

INSPIGO PODCAST: Sucess & Failure in Business Journey With Wiza Hidayat

“People who lead in the industry is the one who has a dream and solve the problems”, said our CEO, Wiza Hidayat, during the Inspigo podcast session about success & failure in the business journey.” February 2019.

Many people might want to skip failure. But not so many people know that it is just a step to be a success. It’s just the way we learn to grow, especially in the business.

Collaborating with Inspigo, Wiza Hidayat, CEO Arkadia Works, shared his experience to be an entrepreneur. He talked about the roller coaster journey through the failure experiences in building a company. For him, failure was just an introspection process to be a better person.

Starting from 2011, Arkadia Works has been through ups and downs. The roller coaster journey drove Arkadia Works team to learn about the business, and experiences taught us to be a better company.

The lack of planning and less experience caused the failures on our first phase of the journey. We lost the profit in our first, second, and third projects and of course, the clients weren’t happy with the result. But by evaluating the problems, we know how to do it better in the next projects.

“At first, we felt fail and blamed others. But in the end, we realized that we were wrong. The one that we need to evaluate is ourselves, not to blame others. This approach is applied continuously in the upcoming projects, and we believe that this is one of the factors that keep us leading in the industry”, shared Wiza.

“I believe that people who lead in the industry is the one who has a dream and solves the problems”.